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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Stressful day starting out but ending much better....

Today is prom day for my laurels.  I have been adding sleeves to two of the dress being used tonight.  My girls are awesome.  They know who they are and what they want and I admire that.  They are beautiful and will look beautiful in the dresses that the chose.

I had never added sleeves to a sleeveless dress before so it was definitely interesting.  I learned a lot and they were very patient.  I finished them this afternoon and they picked them up. 

My husband had to work today but stayed to watch the girls so I could get a head start on the dresses.  They were great while he was here but it was like a switch...after he left they just wanted so much attention.  They finally went down for naps and I am getting some quiet time for myself.

This is also the last week - last day of the semester for me.  So I sat down and read the chapter, read the PowerPoint presentation, wrote the journal entry, took the weekly quiz and final exam and finished strong with the self assessment quiz.  I am finally done and I have a 93%.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to learn but I am done.  I need a break.  I am tired of constantly having it hanging over my head each week when I'm trying to do things with my girls.

I love to learn and will continue to learn.  Joann's Fabric stores offers classes and I think I'll take the cake decorating classes at some point in the future.  I will continue to sew and do alterations and learn that way. 

I encourage everyone to learn at least one new thing a month whether its something big or small.  It keeps us going.  I feel so left out of the world when I stop learning thing. 

I hope that everyone had a good week, a great Saturday and a wonderful Sunday tomorrow.

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Valarie said...

Your amazing! Great Job Lacie!!

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