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Monday, August 13, 2012

The garage is white!

Saturday we decided to let Sarah help us paint in the garage.  Actually my husband had been saving this project for her so she could help.  He had built this shelve and wanted it painted.  He had already painted the first one.  So we got Sarah all set up and gave her a brush and some paint.
 This is what happens when I ask her to smile.  She gives me a weird look.

My husband was moving when I took the picture but I mainly wanted to share what the garage looked like.  We had moved everything over to that side of the room in order to finish the other side.  Isn't it a nice white?  We like it.  We finished Saturday night.  We painted while Yana napped and then played with the girls until it was bed time and then finished painting.  It is so nice to have it done.  I can once again park in the garage and I love it.

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