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Thursday, August 16, 2012

1st day of school ever

 Today is the first day of school but it is more than that for us.  Sarah is our oldest and it is her very first day of school ever.  She started Pre-K today.  She was so excited. Last night we picked out which outfit she would wear and set it on the guest bed.  She had one outfit picked out but it was supposed to be a hot day today and the outfit had pants so she decided to wear shorts instead.  We got up a little earlier than I think we will need to in the future.  We had nothing to do but wait for almost 20 minutes.  I woke them up at 7 and they took a bath and then got dressed.  Grandma bought Yana a new outfit too so she got to wear it today although it wasn't her first day of school.

Then we did hair and ate breakfast.  After that we brushed our teeth and waited until it was time to go.  A friend of ours called and invited Yana over to play with her daughter who is only 3 months older than Yana.  So I dropped Yana off on the way to school.

It was weird dropping Sarah off at school.  She has never done day care and has only been left with family and friends but this was different and it was just plain weird.  I was really excited to pick her up later and talk to her about her day at school.

She had a great time.  They sang songs, read books, had snacks, played on the toys and even made a hand print on a piece of paper next to a poem.  She loved it and I'm glad that she did.

She was very upset yesterday when she found out that they don't go to school everyday all week long.  She wanted to go Saturday and Sunday too.  Just got to love their enthusiasm.  Well I hope that you all had a great first day of school whether it started today, last week or later in the month.

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