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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fun at the park!

 This morning after practicing for school to see how long it would take we went for a bike ride/run to the park.  We took the long way around the subdivision.  Sarah is getting so much better at going up and down driveways and curbs.  I took the camera today because I wished I had the last time we went.  It was fun.  Sarah loves to pose for pictures.  Yana used to but lately she would rather not hold still that long.
 She was looking at me but got distracted at the last second.
 She loves to swing but lately I can hardly convince her to swing in the toddler swings.
 She is turning into such a little monkey.  She climbs everything at the park including the stuff she shouldn't.
Sarah struggled climbing up this slide for a long time but Yana doesn't seem to struggle as much.  Maybe because Sarah helps her whether she wants the help or not.  The problem is that once she is on the top I have to go get her because she wont sit down and go down the slide.  I think it is a game to her.  Well

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