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Friday, January 27, 2012

It's ours....lets sleep in it!

It is official....we are moved.  We closed on the house Monday morning and then moved as much of the big stuff as we could the rest of the day.  We also moved over some clothes and enough food for the night.  I figure if it is ours then we need to sleep in it.

It was a very long day.  Very exciting.  A friend of mine watched our kids most of the day which was a blessing.  We were able to get so much done without having to worry about our kids.

Tuesday my husband went back to work and I continued to move things.  Another friend offered to watch my kids and that was so helpful.  I started moving things room by room.  I finished the girls room, the hall closet and the bathrooms as well as box up most of my sewing room.  After work we moved the rest of the heavy furniture including my sewing room.

Wednesday my friend watched the girls again and continued moving things and then I started cleaning.  Floor boards, windows, blinds, mirrors, sinks, cobwebs and floors.  I didn't get finished but I got a good start.  I had forgot the comet at the new house so I couldn't wash the tubs and toilets.

Thursday my friend again watched my girls.  It was so nice of her.  I finished cleaning.  I remembered the comet so the bathrooms were finished.  After my husband got off work he moved the fridge and oven and man was it dirty.  I'm pretty sure we are the only ones to ever clean behind there because there was a lot of stuff that was never ours to begin with.  So they have now been vacuumed, the fridge and cabinets cleaned.
We started moving the garage stuff and then I went to get the girls and some dinner.  When I got back we ate and the girls went to bed and at this point a friend helped my husband move the rest of the garage stuff.  I was very excited about that part.  The rest of the stuff was really heavy and I really didn't want to have to pick it up.  My arms are tired and my fingers are raw.  After the garage was empty then I went back over to finish cleaning the tile while my husband stayed with the girls.

Today the Internet was finally turned back on.  Sorry I didn't even get a post telling you that I was disappearing for a few days.  Everything happened so fast after the closing that we didn't even turn the computer on til this morning.

My sewing room is a mess but it is getting there.  The entire house is getting there.  The kitchen is amazing.  I have so much more cabinet space than before that only a few things remain on the counter (other than lose papers I'm not yet sure what to do with).  I have my vacuum now so I plan to vacuum our new house from top to bottom today since we have drug in so much dirt.

I hope you have a wonderful day.  I just noticed that I was a guest blogger the other day.  If you want to check it out here is the link.

Well I have lots of stuff to do still before my washer and dryer are delivered and installed.  Have a great day.

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