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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Biggest Loser

My family has started another round of "The Biggest Loser".  We started January first and it will go for three months.  There are more people joining us this time.  My sister in law is keeping track of the weights and the percentage of weight lost and I am in charge of the weekly challenges.

This past week's challenge was actually fun.  I got the idea off of Pinterest.  The idea is that 1000 jumping jacks = 1 pound so that was the challenge.  We needed to each do 1000 jumping jacks this week.

I have Sunday as my rest day so I split it up by 6 days in the week.  I did 167 jumping jacks each day and finished today. 

I just sent out the challenges for this week. 
Challenge 1 - schedule this weeks workouts on the calendar and then do them...working around unexpected interruptions.

Challenge 2 - Incorporate weight training into at least 2 days this week.  Either into the workouts you already do or do specific ones by themselves.

If you have made resolutions this year to get healthy, lose weight, or just do better in your exercising feel free to join us on our challenges and let me know how you do.  It is always easier if you have others to do it with.


Amy said...

I think this is awesome! I kinda wanted to get my family doing something like this, with more of a focus on just getting us exercising, with the loss of weight and inches being a bonus. I shared my idea with my family, and although they thought it sounded like a nice idea, we aren't competitive enough for any of the rest of them to care. oh well. :) Good luck and have fun with your family. Maybe I'll try and do some of the challenges along with you. Thanks for sharing!

Lacie said...

Amy, I don't think we are too competitive. It just helps us have something to work for and others to work with. We share our ideas of what worked and what didn't. It makes it easier knowing someone else is expecting you to lose weight.

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