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Monday, January 16, 2012

Biggest Loser Week 3

Last week went by so fast.  We were supposed to schedule our exercises at the beginning of the week and then do our best to do them.  We were also supposed to weight train at least 2 days.  I scheduled my biggest loser wii workouts for Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and then my running for Monday, Thursday and Saturdays.  Biking was on Tuesday, Friday and possibly Saturday.  I planned on weight lifting on Wednesday and Friday.  I did pretty good.  I didn't do one biggest loser because I had absolutely no energy or desire and I didn't run or bike on Saturday but other than that I did everything else on my schedule.

This week, week 3, our two challenges are this.  We are to keep track of what we eat for any two days this coming week.  It should help us see how we are doing.  Even if we are exercising like crazy but we are eating way too much then we will still not see the results we want.  I track my calories almost every day on www.Sparkpeople.com in order to lose weight.

Our second challenge is to do 100 trunk rotations each day.  They are low impact but work several muscles. 

I also had several people tell me that they felt really good the first week while doing the jumping jacks and were still doing some this last week.  So anyone who still wants to please feel free to keep doing jumping jacks.  They are good for us after all.

I hope that everyone is having a good week so far.  Ours should be good.

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