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Monday, September 17, 2012

Catching up

Last week kind of got away from me before I realized that I hadn't blogged all week.  Sorry about that.  I'll recap a few things and share pictures since I finally put them on my computer.

While Grandpa and Grandma were here my girls decided to put Yana's diapers on her head and run around.  It was pretty cute and funny.
I admit that I sometimes put diapers on their heads when they are babies...not the pull up kind but my girls had fun.
 Yana is in this "I can dress myself" phase.  See how well that worked.  She puts them over her head and then around her waste.
 Sarah has been in swim lessons for 2 weeks.  My girls are fish and can't seem to get enough swimming.
 She is really good at floating on her back.
 Here is Yana at swim lessons.  Entertaining herself.  Poor kid wants to swim but I can't let her out of her seat or I'll have to chase her all over the place.
 Sarah actually loves to swim under water.  She is really good at it.  One of the reasons for the swim lessons is to help teach her to swim with her head above water.
 Yana at the office.  She loves to pull the doll stroller over to the coffee table, sit in it and look at books.  It is so cute.
This weekend, since we couldn't really work in the yard, we worked in the garage.  My husband made me a quilt rack.  He's been telling me about it for a few months and now I have it.  I love it.
 It holds four quilts and it has a shelf.  I haven't decided what to put on the shelf yet.  I'm thinking Russian dolls or something.
 I should have split the two middle quilts up so you could see them better. 
Sarah just loves this quilt rack.  She has told me several times today how much she likes it and that it is so pretty.  I can't agree with her more. 

Well that pretty much should catch me up on everything. 

This week should be interesting as well so I'll do my best to keep you posted.  Have a great Monday.

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