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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Birthday!

March 13th might be just an ordinary day for most people but it is a wonderful day around our house.  Today my oldest, Sarah, just turned 4.  I can hardly believe it.  A couple weeks ago I posted how I had just signed her up for Pre K.  She is just growing too fast.  We wont actually open presents and have a party until Saturday but I wanted to make sure that she knew it is a special day.  So it was a day dedicated to her.  I mean that.  I didn't clean anything.  We did what she wanted.

She got what she wanted for breakfast.  If you know her you would know that she loves toast with peanut butter and honey.  Then we went grocery shopping because we needed to.  Then we went to McDonald's because I rarely take her and she wanted to go.  We took the food and the salad I bought at Walmart and we went to the "big" park.  She loves going there and we rarely go since we have one in our neighborhood within walking distance.  We invited some friends who brought lunch and we had a picnic.  Then they all played for an hour or so.

After that we came home and Yana took a nap and Sarah played on ABCmouse.  Then after nap time we walked around the block delivering birthday party invites.  Then we went to Braums and got some ice cream.  We took it home and put a candle in it and I sang to her and she blew it out and ate her ice cream.

It was a good day and she seemed to really enjoy it.  I am so happy that we were able to have such a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday Sarah!

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