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Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday!!!

Sarah wanted to have a CARS themed birthday party.  I thought it was awesome.  I'm not huge into princesses and things like that so CARS was a great idea.  Here is the cake that I made.  I used a funfetti cake and cut the top off and then cut it in half.
I then used the funfetti icing in the between the two halves of the cake.  I even put the sprinkles on it.
 Here it is sandwiched.
 This is after the first layer of icing.  It has been white washed as I call it.
 I decided to do the checkerboard on the edges.  What I did is as you can see iced the cake white but then I bought some black sugar sheets.  I cut them in squares and placed them on the cake after the second layer of icing.  Then with a second sheet I cut out a circle for the road.
 I put grass around the track and the on the bottom for a border.  Then I crushed up some graham crackers and spread them in the middle for dirt.  I bought the cars at Walmart and thought they were too cute.
This cake was a lot of fun to make and it tasted good too.  I had never used the sugar sheets but they were fun to work with and we couldn't even taste them.  They just blended right in.
 Our first activity was to pin (stick) the tail on the donkey.  They all had a lot of fun.  Yana kept trying to pull them back off.
They took turns spinning each other.
 Then they decorated some boxes as their cars.  They used coloring crayons and stickers.
 Then they had a "car" race in their boxes.  It was a lot of fun to watch.  Some ran easily and others struggled because the boxes weren't allowing them to move their legs.  It was so cute.
 She then opened all her wonderful presents from her great friends.
 Then it was time for cake and ice cream.  Sarah couldn't quite blow the candle out and I learned the graham cracker dust blows off the cake really easily.  It was fun though.
Here is what the dining room looked like.  That is where the decorations were.

They all had a wonderful time playing and visiting.  It was the first party I have ever planned for my children.  Normally we just invite friends over, eat, visit and let the kids play.  It was fun and turned out great.

Have a great day.

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