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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Challenges this week are.....

Last week I did better but I didn't get it everyday.  I struggled last week.  Besides the extra veggies I also ate extra animal crackers, cookies and other things I should have avoided like the plague.  So this week we are going back to the basics.
I plan my workouts every week and every week things come up and I don't get some of them done.  I never seem to have a plan B.  This week we are supposed to schedule our exercise and also a plan B.  So for me if I can't go for a bike ride then I will do step ups for 30 minutes instead.  Different things like that.  If I am just too tired to do them then I will walk in place or walk up and down the stairs for a few minutes a few times a day to get that extra calorie burn.  If I really put my mind to this I could be at my goal weight in two weeks.
The other challenge this week has to do with sweets.  I'm challenging everyone to not eat any candy, cakes or cookies this week.   Having said that I am also allowing 1 serving this week.  I say that because it is my daughter's birthday and I want to have a slice of the cake at her party this Saturday.  So I will not eat any other sweets until her birthday.  So look ahead in your week and see if you have any get togethers or appointments where you might eat sweets and plan accordingly.  There is nothing wrong with sweets in our lives, in moderation.  Also I figure 1 week of saying no to sweets will help us get our control over them back.
Did any of you join us last week for the back exercises and extra veggies?  If you did I hope you'll share with us.
Have a great week and good luck reaching your goals.

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