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Monday, March 26, 2012

Biggest Loser

Well this is the last week of our Biggest Loser challenge.  Last week was a no challenge week or rather a challenge to get our heads back in the game and on track so we could give a big push the last week.

I asked my husband earlier today what he thought would be a good challenge.  I have been thinking about it all week trying to decide a good way to end this and he suggested that we run or walk 10 miles this week.  Then we added another option to ride your bike.  However, if you ride your bike it jumps to 25 miles since the miles go by so much faster. 

I'm really excited for this challenge.  I have an indoor bike trainer that I love.  I got it last weekend and used it everyday except Sunday.  We got road tires for the bike so it is quieter and can be used in the house now.  So I am challenging myself to run the 10 miles and ride the 25 miles.  I normally run 3 times a week and each time I run I go for 3 miles so I will just need to add one more mile on this week.

I also decided to add the challenge to drink 10 8 ounce glasses of water this week.  It is warming up here in Oklahoma this week so it would be good to drink that much water just for the 80 degree weather.

If you are doing these challenges with us please be safe and have a great week.  I hope we are all on track to reach our goals for this week.

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