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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blue and black pullover bib

 You're thinking that it took me long enough, right?  That is what I am thinking.  Here is the first of several pullover bibs.  This one is blue striped as you can see from the pictures and has a black knit collar.  Where it is blue and black it is more boyish but could work either way.  As you can tell the model was my 14 month old daughter.  She was having fun posing.

Both of my girls love pull over bibs.  They are easy on and off and they are soft on the neck.  My girls always end up pulling the snaps and Velcro ones off and the ones that you tie they end up pulling off or hurt themselves in the process. 

These are machine washable and very durable.  I'm still using ones I made 2 years ago.  They are a great and easy way to protect our children's wardrobe.  Come check out more pictures and the rest of the information here.

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