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I'll also blog about other things that interest me like my family, cooking (sharing receipes), things I learn along the way, etc. Hope you all enjoy.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Toddler aprons coming soon.

Ok so tonight my daughter was helping me make sugar cookies and about half way through I remembered that Grandma had made and sent her her very own apron out of jeans. I will be making more similar to this to sell on my store but I just couldn't resist showing how cute my daughter looked in hers. She kept putting it back on later to help mom in the kitchen. It was so fun. She uses it in her own play kitchen and now in mom's kitchen.


Valarie said...

I think you meant grandma! but I won't be offended.....love ya!

Lacie said...

Sorry. That is what I meant and what I was thinking it just didn't connect to my fingers.

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