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Friday, November 2, 2012

50/50 again?

Today I had another doctor's appointment.  I decided to take our ultrasound pictures from the 20th week ultrasound that determines the sex of the baby.  I had some questions.  When we had the ultrasound the lady/nurse kept talking about three lines that meant we were having a girl.  Well I couldn't see them at the hospital and my husband and I still can't see them.  So I just wanted the doctor to explain the ultrasound so I understood it.  I didn't doubt that we were having a girl I just wanted to understand.

Well I showed her and asked my question and she looked at it.   And looked at it.  She couldn't see three lines either.  She could see a dot.  Then she told me that she had no idea what that nurse was seeing because she couldn't see anything that would help her determine the sex of our baby.  So we are kind of back to 50/50.  She wants to do another ultrasound at our next appointment and see if she can determine the sex.

I'm still going to say we are having a girl until otherwise told.  I just don't like calling the baby a he/she.  The doctor was going to do an ultrasound on the 30th either way to determine the position and get some idea of the weight of the baby.  Well right now I can tell that the baby is laying sideways just from the movements.  The doctor felt my stomach and agreed with my assessment.  So I'll let ya know what the doctor finds in a couple of weeks.  This should be interesting.

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