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Saturday, February 5, 2011

The weekend when we blessed our daughter.

The last weekend in January we planned to bless our daughter and my husband's parents were able to come for the occasion.  It was a beautiful weekend.  It was 73 degrees Friday when they flew in and Saturday was 69.  We test drove a boat and then had a picnic.  It was a wonderful time at the campground where we like to go.  We had a fire and visited and just enjoyed being away from town.

We even made our own roasting sticks.  Grandpa is hard at work getting them ready for the hot dogs.  Sarah rode her bike and her scooter and just had fun.  I taught her how to gather twigs to help start the fire and she gathered a lot.  She is such a good little helper.

This is our daughter and she is 6 weeks old now.  We had her blessed on the 30th of January by her father, grandfather and friends.  I realize that in this first picture she doesn't look very happy.  I think that she was tired of all the pictures.

The unique thing about this blessing - that is between our two girls- is that I made this dress.  In my child clothing class one of our projects was blessing dresses and this is the one that I made.  I was so excited to see her wear it that I tortured her the night before and tried it on.  It was so cute.

Part of me wants to use it for a few Sundays but we wont.  It is going promptly into the hope chest where her sister's dress is also kept.

One thing that you can't really see is that she is wearing the same booties that her sister wore but also that her father wore when he was blessed.  They were made by his great grandmother.  I think that all of our children will wear them.

It was a wonderful day spent with family and we were sad to see Grandma and Grandpa go home.

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