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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A good Family Home Evening.

So I know that we should be having Family Home Evening every Monday but we tend to slack off in this area.  We spend every evening together so deciding to spend time Monday night isn't out of the ordinary.  We did decide though that we need to have a more structured Family Home Evening.  It was very good. 
Yesterday I went to www.lds.org looking for ideas for our Family Home Evening.  I wanted to do something on Obedience because we are really struggling with this with Sarah lately. 

I cam across a lesson on Commandments and how they are gifts from our Heavenly Father because He wants us to be happy.  So after we sang "I am a child of God".  That is Sarah's favorite song and she knows all the words.  We talked about the commandments and then we sat down as a family and wrote out our own family rules.  They were mainly geared towards Sarah but can be applied to all of us.

Our Family Rules
1 - No throwing things.
2 - Put all toys away before bed.
3 - Be nice to each other.
4 - No food in the living room.
5 - Listen to mom and dad.
6 - No shoes in the house.
7 - Always say "Please" "Thank You" "Excuse Me" and "Bless You"
8 - Always have a prayer in your heart, and pray before every meal.
9 - Read the scriptures everyday.
10 - Love One Another.

Some might say that we have these in the wrong order and I would tend to agree.  We wrote them down as they came to use.  We would ask Sarah for ideas and then we would take turns thinking of a rule.

One rule that I would add to this is no jumping on the furniture but it hadn't been on my mind last night.  FHE was so nice.  It was nice to have it with our kids and I look forward to having FHE every Monday.

What kind of things do you do for Family Home Evening with your kids.

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