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Monday, February 21, 2011


Saturday was beautiful and we took full advantage of it.  We washed and polished our cars.  After we were done with the bucket our daughter wanted to play in the bucket.  We got her all dressed in her swim suit and let her play.  She had a blast in that bucket for 2-3 hours until her friends down the street came out and invited her to play.  So then she played at their house for a while.

We had a good day.  I took our baby for a jog.  We got so much done without ever stopping to think that we needed sunscreen.  Later when we got Sarah dressed we realized our mistake. We had created a lobster.  Everywhere her swimsuit didn't cover was red.  We felt so bad.  My husband was even sunburned.

I guess we need to get the sunscreen out now that it is a little warmer.  It was a great day but like everyday we learned something new.

Saturday I also was going through Yana's clothes pulling out the things that she couldn't fit into anymore and other things that were just plain too warm for the weather here and I came across the bunting that I made her before Christmas.
She has never used it.  And she will never use it.  By next year she will have outgrown it so I have decided to sell it in my store.  So I posted it in my store.   I'm just going to find some lighter weight material and make her another one to sleep in.


Not a Perfect Mom said...

Hi! following you back! And my almost 3 year old just got sunburned last week...so don't feel too badly! And I, um, was just too lazy to do it! I know I know...but in my defense that was the first time ever and I learned my lesson!

Lacie said...

I got really good last year with the sunscreen but who would have thought that I needed it in February?

Every Day Products & More said...

hello newest follower from the hop

Anonymous said...

My son got burned the first time we went to the beach. I covered him in lotion except I missed the back of his neck. He had a nice lobster mark there. I think we all go through it. Thanks so much for grabbing my button. I looked for yours but don't see one. If you have one just email me the code and I'll add it to my Great Website and blog page. racingandsavingmama at gmail dot com. If you don't have one I can point you to a blogger who has a great article on how to make one. That's how I did mine. She gives lots of great blogger tips (for free).

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