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Friday, February 11, 2011

Sewing a purse - a first timer....

Well my sister in law asked me sometime in December if I could make her a purse to carry all of her stuff to church.  I emailed her several options and she picked out a cute purse to sew.  I went to the store with my husband and we picked out several fat quarters and other material to add to my collection and that is where it had stayed until a couple weeks ago.

I finally got material cut out and ready to at least start on the purse when I had time around some of my other current projects.  Today I was able to start sewing and have thoroughly enjoyed it.  My one problem is that I forgot to get the main color.  I am learning new things with every project that I do and I just thought that I would share one that came to mind while working on the purse.

This tip really has nothing to do with the purse it just came to mind while working on it.  When sewing a quilt of any size you can use a bed sheet as the back of the quilt.  That way you don't have to any seams and if you buy a set than it all matches.  It is really quick and in some instances cheaper than buying all the material for the back.

When I finish the purse I will post pictures for all to see.

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