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Monday, January 3, 2011

The newest addition to our family!

Thank you all for being patient with me as I have not taken the time to post for the last 2 weeks.  Life has been busy with the addition of our daughter.  I was supposed to be induced on the 22nd of December and my water broke the night of the 21st.  She was born at 4:14 am on the 22nd.  She weighed 7 lbs 14 ounces.  At the hospital they have her height at 21 inches but at the doctor's office at almost 19 inches.  She is a healthy beautiful little girl.  We named her Yana Lue.
She lives the life of a typical baby...sleeps and eats and that is all that she does at this point.  Her sister Sarah just loves her.  She is always helping.  Whenever Yana cries she comes running saying "I'm coming Yana Lue, I'm coming!"  She helps put her clothes in the laundry basket and dirty diapers in the trash.  She loves to give her kisses and hugs and is always very gentle.  She is such a wonderful big sister.

My mother in law has been here for the last week and has been helping out with everything and it has been wonderful to have her.  She will be here for 2 more weeks and we are enjoying every minute of it.

Things are slowly starting to find a routine as we are figuring things out and settling into life again.  My husband is back at work and my daughter is back to taking naps.  This should allow me to get back to my sewing.

I bought some cute material to make Valentine's Day table runners with and will post pictures of them when they are finished - hopefully sometime next week.

I will also be posting pictures of the projects I was working on right before Christmas.  I will post them in on Friday.

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Enjoy 2011.


Jenn said...

So glad everything is going well. And how great to have help for so long! If you need anything, give me a call!

Jennifer Fulks said...

Congratulations and Happy New Year! :)

Lacie said...

Thankyou. We are doing good and it is great to have my mother in law here to help. She is such a great help.

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