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Friday, January 7, 2011

Finished projects!

I know it has taken a while but I finally took some pictures of the projects that I finished right before Christmas.  I already showed you the Christmas dress that I made my daughter.  It turned out rather cute I think.  She really likes it which is the good thing.

When I first blogged about these projects all I showed you was the material and the pattern.  So here are the pictures of the finished products.

The above pictures are of the bath robe that I made for my daughter.  Yes it is a little big but I didn't want her growing out of it any time soon.  It was fun to make and I thought it turned out rather cute.  I am thinking about making some and selling them in my store.  My daughter picked out the material herself and we bought some ducky slippers to go with it.  She loves the slippers but as of yet hasn't decided what she thinks about the finished robe.  We think it is very cute.

The pattern calls this a bunting but I just call them sleepers.  However, this one is made out of fleece so it is really warm and it is more for outdoors than indoors.  She hasn't used it yet as we haven't really taken her outside a lot.  The hat is really cute but is way to big for her at this time.  As she grows she should be able to wear them.

I really enjoy working with fleece and had a lot of fun with these outfits.


Jenn said...

Lacie, those are really cute!! You are so talented!

Lacie said...

Thanks. They were fun to make.

Valarie said...

Ducky Robe is so cute!! Quack, Quack, Quack!

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