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Monday, January 24, 2011

A Christmas project

Before Christmas I had been working on many projects.  Many were projects for my store and many were Christmas and birthday presents.  One that I finished in November I couldn't show you because it was a Christmas present.  However, Christmas is over and presents have been givin.

I started working on this quilt toward the end of October with the goal to have it finished by the end of November.  I hoped to finish it in 6 weeks or less.  I was using a new technique - to me.  The was a paper pieced quilt and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I saw the quilt in one of my quilting magazines that I buy and just loved it. 

For the back of the quilt I used a queen size sheet and then also gave the rest of the sheet set as part of the gift.  After piecing everything and sandwiching it all I did free motion quilting on it.

I really enjoyed doing this quilt and have many more that I would like to do.  The magazines that I buy have many really cool quilt designs that I would like to do. Maybe someday I will do some for my store. 
I hope that you all have a good week.  Thanks for reading my blog.

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