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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


It is Wednesday and it really isn't any different from any other day except for one thing.  Today my garage door decided to let me know that it doesn't like me.  When we bought the house we could see that the top panel was slightly bent but it worked just fine.  Well today when trying to park in the garage I didn't pull in far enough and it stopped on my bumper and then went back up.  Then it wouldn't go back down no matter what I tried.  It bent and crumpled a little.  I had to call the garage door people and it was so nice because they didn't think he was going to be able to come until tomorrow and he came within 30 minutes. 

Turns out he didn't install this garage door.  The past owner must have bought it at Lowe's or something and traded out the doors.  The garage door guy helped me get the door to close and is going to come back Friday to replace the door.  I feel so blessed that he came when he did because I was starting to worry about a night with the door open. 

Other than that not much happening today.  I didn't make it to the sewing room because of the garage door issue but it has been a good day so far.

Have a great hump day.

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Anonymous said...

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