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I'll also blog about other things that interest me like my family, cooking (sharing receipes), things I learn along the way, etc. Hope you all enjoy.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Life has been so hectic lately.  Yesterday was good.  I got into the sewing room and almost finished the project I was working on and then brought an alteration downstairs to pick while I watched Sarah play on her ABC Mouse program on the computer.  I just need the right type of thread to finish the alteration.

Today has been good.  Girls are still waking up way too early for my taste.  I'm going to make some dark curtains for their room so it wont get light so early.  We drove to Tulsa and had lunch with their dad and Sarah drew him some pictures for his office.  It was fun.

Today I wont have much time to sew because Sarah has a friend coming over to play for a couple of hours and then we need to go to the store to get a few groceries for tonight and this weekend.

I hope you are all doing good.  Have a great day.  I wont be posting again before Monday because we are going camping and leaving tomorrow morning.

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