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Thursday, May 17, 2012


Sorry I have been AWOL lately.  I haven't felt very good all week.  I wake up feeling ok and then as the day goes on I start to feel worse and worse.  I don't know if it is normal morning sickness or if it is because I'm so congested.  I didn't have bad morning sickness with either of my girls.  I seemed to have gotten my husband sick as well.  He has completely different symptoms and when we took him to the doctor they couldn't find anything so they just threw a z-pack at it.  Tomorrow is my first doctor's appointment.  I'm hoping my doctor can come up with something better.

My girls ran through the sprinkler yesterday.  It was cute.  Sarah had a blast and ran right in but then Yana would only get close enough for her legs to get wet.  She just wouldn't run in and since I don't feel good and my husband doesn't feel good neither of us ran through the sprinkler with the girls.  We just sat and watched.

Well I'm gonna relax.  Have a good night.  I'm hoping to feel better soon and I'll get back on the "blog" wagon.

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