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Friday, May 25, 2012

Pregnant and running

Pregnant and running.  Well I wanted to run while I was pregnant with Yana but I was so tired I couldn't get myself to do so.  This time I have been biking and ran here and there but it had been over a week and I was starting to think to myself that I just should let it be until after the baby comes.  So instead of biking last night I decided to run with the thought that if I only ran for 5 minutes and then grabbed the bike at least I would have tried.  Well I ran and I ran and I ran and it felt great.  It was awesome.  I'm slower than I was before because I was tired and hadn't ran in over a week possibly 2 but It felt great anyways. 

It gave me the determination to keep doing this.  I don't care if I run barely faster than I can walk while I'm pregnant I will keep running.  Today I will ride my bike and tomorrow I'll run again.  It felt great and I feel wonderful this morning.  A little tired but not bad.

I hope that you have a wonderful memorial weekend.  I'm gonna sign my daughter up for swimming lessons today and I'm so excited.  She is getting so big.  I haven't even had the heart to tell her that her best friend is moving in less than a week.    Well we are going to have a great weekend.

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