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Monday, June 11, 2012


Last week was a very busy and event filled week.  Sarah started swim lessons on Monday and went every day except Friday.  She loves it.
 She is also taking them this week but they end Thursday.  She loves to swim and is quite the little fish.
 Here she is swimming practicing her strokes.
 I think I mentioned a couple weeks ago that we bought a pool for out back and my girls would live in it if they could.  We had had a long day and decided to rest and let the girls play in the pool.  So Josh joined them.
 Yana loves having her picture taken and would walk around the edge and stop for her pictures.
 Sarah and Yana are just too cute not to take pictures.
 Oh how tiring it is to walk in a circle of water.  She is so silly.
 Sarah is practicing swimming under water.  She is getting pretty good at it.  She just needs to learn to hold her breath longer.
 Ok so the ball actually says not a flotation device and not to use on water.  Knowing this I waiting until Josh was home to try this.  We put Sarah in the ball and wanted her to roll it like a gerble on the wate but she wouldn't do it.  So we took it out of the pool.
Friday we started building our back fence.  My husband dug the first hole and then I dug the next.  We poured cement and then went swimming (The above pictures.)  Saturday we finished the fence.  I dug 3 more holes and helped screw in the slats.  It looks really nice but I don't have a picture right now and am too lazy to go take one.  I'll take one and share it another day.    I hope you all had a great weekend and have a wonderful week ahead.

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