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Friday, June 29, 2012

Thursday's projects

Yesterday was a very busy day.  I'm sorry I didn't make it on to blog with you.  I had planned on it but spent the entired day sewing.  I started off by bringing my sewing machine down to the kitchen table, a cutting mat, rotary cuter, scissors, pins, thread, rulers, measuring tapes and who knows what else down to the kitchen.  I did this for a few of reasons.  I need to free motion stitch my quilt and the only table large enough is the kitchen table.  I also wanted to work on some dresses for my girls for the 4th of July and most of their toys are downstairs.  The last reason is that I had a couple girls coming over to learn to sew and my sewing room doesn't have enough room for 2 sewers.
 What I did was buy some white shirst for my girls.  You see three because their is also one for a friend of Sarah's who had a birthday and wanted a dress.  I cut off the shirts first.
 This was when it was looking somewhat clean and organized.  I spent a lot of time with my measuring tape and calculator trying to figure out the measurements I wanted.  I wanted to gather each layer to the one above it.  So I measured the lower edge of the shirt and doubled it.  Then I added half the measurement to the red layer.  Then for the middle layer to took the measurement from the red material and added half of it to itself.  I did the same for the blue (lowest layer)  So the measurements just kept getting bigger and bigger.  Then I started cutting.  I got all of it cut and realized that I needed about 3 more inches of blue to finish the last skirt so we took a quick trip to Hobby Lobby.
 Here it is all cut.
 This is Yana's dress.  I started with hers since it was the smallest of the three.  I used my serger on the edges.  I gathered all layers and this is what I got:
 I think they turned out pretty cute.  I haven't hemmed them yet.  I want to finish them so I can change the settings on my serger only once.
 I was a little worried about the middle layer not being white but I really like how it turned out.  My girls are starting to make weird faces for their pictures.  Bare with us please.
 I decided to let her make a fun pose.  Look at those muscles.
As I'm sure you've noticed Yana is still wearing pants.  I just traded shirt for dress.  They didn't wear them very long because I need to hem them and I didn't want them ripped and or stained.

I got the idea for this dress at church one Sunday.  I saw a little girl walking around in a dress that was layered like this.  Her top was the top of a pair of overalls and the material was obviously different.  I don't know if they bought it or made it but it was so cute.  I decided that I would use a shirt instead so I didn't have to put another one under it.  I like the idea and I think I'll use it for other holiday's as well.  Sarah loves twirling in her dress.

That was yesterday's project.  After the girls went to bed I started free motion quiltingin on my quilt and forgot how much of a workout it is for my shoulders.  I use my sewing machine.  I don't have a long arm so I have to strategically roll and maneauver the quilts under the arm of my machine.  I explained my process to my husband last night and he just said "was this your idea or someone elses?"  It was all mine.  My first 3 quilts look relaly nice on top but there are a few bunches on the backs of them.  They each were better than the one before and then I found the perfect way to do this no matter the size of the quilt to get the best results (so long as I don't rush through it).

My secret trick is that I sew straight down the center of the quilt.  It isn't very wide.  Just enough to split the quilt in half.  Then I turn it and start in the middle on one side of that line and work in quarters.  It seems to really work for me.

Well I'm getting really excited to see this quilt finished.  I promise to show pictures once I've given the quilt to who it belongs to.  Like I said before it is a gift.

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