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Monday, June 25, 2012

Oklahoma hates me and Idaho taunts me

If you know me than you know I HATE the heat.  I don't say that lightly.  I really really don't like the heat.  I never have.  I love snow and 70 degree weather.  Water in Idaho is cold no matter how hot it gets and we are used to it.  When I put in my papers to serve my mission my dad teased me that I'd end up in the Sahara Desert or New York city.  Heat and big cities aren't my thing.  So I was sent to Russia (which I loved and miss very much).  It was super cold in the winter and I loved it and super hot in the summer and although it didn't seam like we lived in big cities we did.  So I got both but didn't mind so much.

Now I am living in Oklahoma and I thought we were doing well.  This year it seemed that June was having mercy on us.  Last year it seemed sooo hot and this year we have loved the weather....until yesterday.  100 degrees!?!?!  Who is in charge of the thermostat here?  All week of 100+ weather.  All I can say is "I'm sorry Sarah we will not be going for bike rides often and I'm sorry you will be stuck indoors where we wont have heat stroke."  It is supposed to get to 105 today.  Ya so I'm making plans for my girls that don't include much heat.  Like going to the library. 

I say that Idaho taunts me because they are still wearing long pants and sweat shirts in the morning and at night.  It hasn't gotten up past 80 as far as I know.  We are planning our vacation and so I'm getting a little homesick and the nice weather back home isn't helping.

Sorry about my tangent.  I've been up for a while, still feel really tired and when I sat down to write this, this is all that I could come up with.

Don't get me wrong I like Oklahoma.  The people are great and it is pretty even without mountains.  I just needed to vent about the heat and now I'll be fine.

I hope you all have a great day.  If you are going outside please drink lots of water and be careful.

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