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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A good life

How was your weekend?  Hows was good.  Thinking back I don't actually remember everything we did.  My husband only worked half a day Friday and we spent the rest of the day out in about.  We looked at boats, bought a fishing pole for my husband, took the girls to see "Madagascar 3" (which is really cute).  We planned where we would be moving our shed, swam in the pool, got Sarah addicted to riding her "big girl" bike and just enjoyed the time together.

The weather here has been nice compared to last June.  The evenings are wonderful.  We are spending a lot of our evenings out side just enjoying the cool breeze and the nice weather.  My girls are so full of energy and I'm trying to keep up. 

Monday I officially passed into the second trimester and am doing good.  The baby is wiggly; according to an ultrasound Friday.  I'm not as tired as I was but still tired.  I've been spending more time in my sewing room and have had a request for two more purses.  I've been reading when I can and playing with my girls when I can.

There never seems to be enough hours in the day but at the same time I'm out of energy by the girl's bedtime.  Right now things are going really well and we are just loving and enjoying life.  Well,  I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow.  I need to get in the sewing room now so I can spend nap time working on a quilt I need to get finished.

Have a great afternoon.

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