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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our vacation

Well we are back from our vacation.  I love going on vacation but I also love coming home to our home with our routines.  We went to Idaho for our vacation.  I know, what a shocker, right.  What can I say?  We love Idaho and that is also where are family is at so it is nice to go home to visit them.

We spent the first weekend at my dad's house.  While he went jeeping we ran some errands of our own and then hung out with my brothers and my mom.  Sunday my sister put together a birthday party for Sarah/get together.  It was a lot of fun.  I love hanging out with my family.  We met also got to meet my brother's girl friend.  She fits in well with our family and I really like her.
 This is a picture from that get together.  Yana was a little shy of everyone but not so shy as to not be able to play.  Towards the end of this party we left to head to Rexburg where we met up with my husband's parents to help them unload their uhaul.  Their project just ended and until they know where their next project is they decided to put their stuff in storage.  Then we went up the hill to the cabin.

Monday I felt like Idaho hated me.  It felt like my allergies (which Oklahoma has created) were trying to make me miserable.  It was a busy day though.  I got up and ran although my throat was sore and I am still regretting that because it killed my throat.  The rest of the day my body ached and hurt and I had no energy.  I was sneezing, and just felt miserable.  We decided later that I had caught a cold.  Anyways we were getting things ready upstairs to build a wall so we were going through closets and found some really cool things.  Really old black and white pictures, movie projector screens, old computers, old calculators (which weighed a ton for a calculator), and a bunch of random stuff.  After that was cleaned out we moved the bed around and my husband and father in law started on the wall.

Tuesday was valley day.  We had to get some more supplies and I had an appointment with my chiropractor.  I only go home 3 times a year so I go to see the chiropractor each time we go.  I always feel so much better afterwards.  It was a long and busy day.

Wednesday my girls and I rode back down the hill with grandma.  After shuffling vehicles around I continued past Rexburg to see my family and have a sleep over at my sister's house for our kids.  I have a lot of memories of sleep overs with my cousins growing up so we decided to start that for our kids.
 The kids had a lot of fun and didn't want to go to sleep.  It was good to visit with my sister and her husband and to see how they are doing.  We left Thursday morning and headed back up the hill.
 While in the valley we bought great grandpa an early birthday present.  My husband used the box to make a house (we started calling it a rocket) for the girls to play in.  They had a lot of fun in that little house.  It snowed.  Man I love the snow.  It snowed a lot.  We got 7-9 inches and everything was so beautiful and white.  I miss snow storms like that.
 Since it snowed we had to go play.  The snow that was there was hard and yucky so we hadn't really been interested in playing in it but this new snow on top was perfect.  We got the girls dressed up and went out to play.  We pulled them on the sled for a while and then started making a sled hill and had a blast.  Yana loved it.  That outfit was almost too small but she loved playing in the snow.  It was up over her knees and took a lot of effort but she managed.  She even loved the sled.

Saturday after the wall was built and the upstairs was all painted and finished my husband and I had a date night.  We drove down the hill and watched "Hunger Games"  It was nice to spend time together.  It made for a late night but it was worth it.  I love date nights.
 Sunday my mom had an Easter BBQ planned for the family and friends.  I made a cake.  I've wanted to make an Easter cake since taking my class.  I didn't really have anything particular in mind but I think the cake turned out really cute.  The only thing I wish I would have done differently was the words.  I should have used a larger tip.
 While at the cabin we had the DISH updated to include HD but the trees block the third satellite, the HD satellite, so we needed to trim some branches.  It started out on a smaller ladder with a different saw but after we had cut so many branches off and still couldn't find the 3rd satellite my husband pulled out the big ladder and his fathers harness and up he went again.  The things we do on vacation.
 This is the view from the back porch.  The lake is still froze over.
 Have I mentioned that I don't like clouds?  Well at least not when I'm flying.  They make for bumpy flights.  Nice pictures but nervous flights.  Our flights went well except for the clouds.
You must be thinking that I'm a wimp since I don't like clouds but they make me nervous.  When I flew home (the first time) from my mission in Russia it was during Hurricane Katrina and we were landing in Atlanta.  There were a lot of clouds and a very nerve wracking flight.  So since then I don't like clouds.  I'd almost prefer that the pilot go around them.

Anyways.  We had a great vacation.  When we got home we noticed that our tree is alive and well.  We thought it was dead but it is now nice and green with lots of leaves.

I hope you all had a great week.  Talk to ya later.

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