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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Before" and "After"

Well this last week we got a lot of work done.  We wanted to do some stuff to our front yard to make it look better and to make some flower beds.  I forgot to take some "before" pictures but I have plenty of "after" pictures.  Take a look.

 This is the tree in  our front yard.  We added the brick and while doing so made it a little bigger.  Then we planted flowers and added dark brown mulch.
 This is the hedge in front of our front window.  We trimmed it up nice and neat, removed all the old red mulch and added the brick.  We also made this section a little bigger than it was previously.  Then we added flowers.
 The red tree in this picture we added.  There was a bush there that we weren't too fond of.  We are moving it else where.  Right now it is in a pot waiting for us to determine where we want to put it.

 A little closer view.
 Here we didn't want a muddy mess so we put some flat bricks down and put rock around it to help prevent a muddy mess under the water spicket.
These are my hanging strawberry plants.  I was so excited to see them at Walmart.  I have a couple of strawberries almost ready to pick right now and I can hardly wait.

We think our yard looks much better.  Not that it looked bad earlier.  We just like it more now.  We have plans for the side of the house and the back yard but as you probably know it isn't cheap so we will wait for a little bit before tackling those projects.

So what do you think?  Do you have yard projects this year?

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