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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Home again

I love going on vacation and seeing my family and the state I love but it is always nice to come home.  t is good to be back to our routine, not having to depend on others for the day's activities and not having to worry about not spending enough time with anyone.

It was odd going home this time.  I was born and raised in Idaho.  I love it there.  I love the weather, the mountains, the rain, the snow, the sunshine, the dry air, hunting season, snowmobiling, my family, my friends, the familiar, the fact that it takes longer for the world's trends to reach us there, the vocabulary, the fact that there is no tornado season, hurricane season or earthquakes, the open spaces, the fesqu grass, the spud cellars and the smell of the potatoes, the slower pace of life, the bugs (the bugs here in Oklahoma are plain scary looking compared to the ones I grew up with), the fact that most of the steeples you see are on LDS chapels so you always know where there is a ward family, and so many more things.

With all that I love there it is still so nice to come home.  We have our routines, our belongings, not living out of a suitcase, not rushing to visit everyone.  If people want to see me they can come see me.  I can do anything I want since it is my home (including make a batch of cookies and then eat half the batch in 24 hours).  I don't feel guilty when I let my girls watch tv so I can get something done.

Don't get me wrong I love vacation and I miss my family and Idaho already but I'm glad to be home other than the fact that it is Tornado season here.

I'll tell y'all a little secret.  When I married my husband I told him we could never live anywhere that had a tornado or hurricane season...the very first project was in Texas and it has both.  Luckily we now live in Oklahoma and only have to worry about one of them.

Anyways I'll stop rambling and just say that it is good to be home and to have my home in order again after unpacking and cleaning again.

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