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Thursday, December 9, 2010

New posts to my store

Ok well you saw a picture of the different towels that I was turning into pull over bibs.  Now they are finished and posted at my store.  Come check them out.  They turned out very cute.  I went with a different softer towel than normal and loved it.  I think I will stick to that in the future.  They shed a lot but when I was done serging they stopped shedding. 

I have listed 4 new pullover bibs.  One pink baby girls bib, one pink striped toddler pullover bib, one solid red bib that can be used for girls or boys, and one green striped bib.

They are great to have at your house for your own children or if you babysit.  If you watch your grand kids they are also great to have on hand.  They are all machine washable and very durable.

They have knit collars so they are soft on the neck and very easy to put on and off.

Come check them out and spread the word.
These are only two of the 4 bibs.  Check out my store to see the other two.  www.IdahoAtHeart.etsy.com.

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The Survival Mama said...

I LOVE these kind of bibs. they were a lifesaver!!

great answers!

Thanks for swinging by my blog - stopping in to say hi and I'm excited to follow all your adventures now, too.
The Survival Mama

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