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Friday, December 10, 2010

My randomness....

So, I'm laying in bed last night and ask my husband...."When does winter actually start here (in Owasso, Ok)?"  There was a pause and then he answered "This is their winter".  Well that was a bummer because I love cold weather during the winter months but at the same time it will allow me to continue to exercise outside after the baby is born.  There are days when it gets pretty cold and then after a couple days it warms back up to perfect weather.  I am from Idaho and we get snow and ice and cold weather and I will miss it. 
Here I hear that they get maybe a snowstorm a year and periodically ice storms.  So we shall see.  The other thing I'm noticing is that I can't seem to find any of the yummy chocolate oranges that are around for Christmas.  I have looked at Walmart each week, CVS, and Walgreens.  Someone recommended Target and low an behold they had them but all they had left was the mint ones.  It is interesting how places are different.  We actually really like it here in Owasso.  Very nice town, not too big, and very nice people here.  Lots of trees which hide the fact that it is fairly flat here.

I am so excited to start running again.  I have already started looking for races next year.  I would like to eventually run a full Marathon but I think my first goal will be to run half a marathon.  I ran a 10K and loved it.  My husband doesn't really like to run but is thinking about starting when I can start running.  It would be so nice to run together. 

Christmas is coming and we are so excited.  Each year gets better and better the longer we are married.  We are excited to watch Sarah come out and see the gifts from Santa on the couch.  Last year she opened her gifts really well but now that she is older there should be more enthusiasm.  She has done very good at not trying to open the presents under the Christmas tree.  She periodically asks if she can and I tell her she can't until Christmas and she goes off and plays with something else.  I think the fact that she knows she will get to open them is why she hasn't tried opening them yet.  I'm sure each year will be different especially as we have more children. 

Well I am 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant today and very much ready for this lil girl to come.  Yesterday I was so tired and felt like I was getting sick and I felt like I did after I had had Sarah.  I was so sore and achy.  I got a few things done in the morning but the afternoon was pretty much dead.  I can tell that she is cramped.  Last night she was proving that.  She has already dropped which should give a little more room but she was hitting my bladder and kicking my ribs at the same time.  Normally she just bumps into my ribs periodically but it was like she was trying to tell me that she is way too cramped......I keep telling her that she is in charge of when she comes and Sarah keeps asking her to come out so she can see her.  So if she is cramped it is her fault lol.  Today I have had so much energy and although I still feel a little sore and achy it is not nearly as bad as yesterday.  I am slowing down as the day goes on.  I don't remember nesting with Sarah but I think I have nested this week.  I started Wednesday and got some stuff done and yesterday nothing and then this morning I cleaned the entire house including showers and tubs, door knobs, floor boards, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, laundry, disinfecting, etc.  I just keep finding things to do.  I need to sew but I just feel like I should clean first.

Well I think I could ramble a book so I had better stop here.
Oh and I will probably not be posting anything else to my store until January.  I will try to keep everyone updated on that.  I am going to start sewing more table runners and leave the bibs alone unless I get any requests.  I will start doing kitchen themes.  Here are a few themes that I have come up with or have heard about : Apple, Rooster, Grapes, Pigs, Bears and outdoorsy.  If you have any other ideas or know of any other themes please let me know so I have more ideas.  I'll do each theme as I find cute material. 
I am also thinking about making reversible holiday table runner for the upcoming holidays.  I'll keep y'all posted as I am working on them.

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Jennifer Fulks said...

Our winters here in Colorado Springs are about the same :( It seems as though everyone loves it but me, lol. I say bring on the snow! I guess the snow just reminds me of my childhood and simple things. I am native here, but we used to have real winters. I don't really believe in global warming, I think it's a natural trend, but dang it I don't feel any better about it, lol. I am excited for you and the impending birth of your baby! :) I have attended 5 births plus my own 3, lol. And I got to coach my daughter and my neice with their babies, so I get excited about babies, lol. Looking forward to seeing some pics! Take care and have a Merry Christmas if that little girl get's here before you can post again! :)

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