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Friday, December 3, 2010

I finally finished the Cushions!!

Ok so I know that a few weeks ago I posted a picture of a cushion that I was planning on covering.  We have two cushions and we bought enough material to cover both of them.  We ended up standing them up in the corner in the living room so I wouldn't forget they were there. Well a week or so went by and I hadn't even started on them.  I had other projects that I deemed more important.  One weekend my husband really wanted me to work on them so he took care of our daughter and allowed me pretty much the whole day to work on it.  After a few trials and errors I finally got one finished and figured out how to do it.  I figured that the second one wouldn't take more than a couple of hours to sew plus the time to cut the material.

So my original goal was to have them both completely done by the end of November and I was one day late.  So I can't be too hard on myself.  They turned out great and we love them.
We used heavier more upholstery like material and stronger thread on them so they would last.  We did stripes on the top and sides and solid colors on the bottom.  One has a brownish cream color on the bottom and the other has a dark brown on the bottom.  We wanted them to match but the store only had so much of each material.  In my measurements I added just a little to allow for pulling on the material when moving around on them.  That is the ripples that you can see in the pictures but when you lay on them it tightens up but doesn't rip anything and it allows for the movement.

I also put a zipper in it.  The original cushions that my Grandmother in law made didn't have zippers and they worked great but we would wake up with a gap in between the cushions and one of us would inevitable be sleeping in that crack.  So I sewed a sleeping bag zipper to them.  When we zipped them up we were very proud of our idea.  They will not be spreading apart any time soon.  Also because of the placement of the zipper they fold on top of each other without having to unzip them for a double layer and for storage under our bed.

I learned a lot from sewing these.  I learned that sewing 3D isn't as hard as it may appear but it just takes time and thinking before acting.  That was my problem with the first one and the trials and errors.  I would sew and then go "oops" ad start picking.

I even have some left over material so I might be making some other cushions with the left overs.

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Valarie said...

Your amazing! Can't wait to sleep on them in 24 days!

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