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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

This morning....

This morning I was sitting her at the computer getting things done when Sarah comes down the stairs and rushes over to me and says "It's and emergency".  So, although I know that her definition of an "emergency" and mine are different I paid close attention to her.  "You have to come see what Yana did to my rug!"  Her rug is not very big and it is actually my husband's.  It is fur and was given to him when he was a kid.  It is like 1 ft X1.5 ft in kind of an oval shape. 

Anyway, I go upstairs to see what the "emergency"  I'm thinking to myself that I left the bathroom door open and I'm hoping that Yana didn't throw the rug in the toilet.  So I ask Sarah what happened.  "She pooped on my rug!"  That is one sentence I never thought I would hear.  Instantly inside the door to their bedroom I see that Yana actually threw up on the rug and surrounding area sometime last night or early this morning.

Ok so that was first thing this morning. Now I"ll preface this next story by telling you that yesterday we went to Best Buy to look at camera's.  While there a lady brought my children a very cute balloon animal flower arrangement.  There is a guy there who makes balloon animals for the kids.  It is really cute.  There are three flowers standing up out of a balloon pot.  Sarah just loves this balloon.

Last night before we went to bed I noticed that one of the three stems had lost it's air.  The flower was fine but the stem was dead. 

Ok so this morning after cleaning up after Yana we came back downstairs and Sarah sees her balloon and is devastated.  So what does she do?  She takes it to the bathroom and waters it.  She helps me water my flowers every day and apparently thought water would help her poor balloon flower grow back.

I was laughing a lot at that.  That was a wonderful way to start the day.

Anyways today I will finish the free motion quilting on my quilt (so long as Yana takes a good nap).  I'm excited for this.

I hope you all have a great day.

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