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Monday, July 9, 2012

A busy weekend

Well,  Today is the 9th in case you weren't sure.  Well we had a good 4th of July.  Had a friend from work and his three kids over for a BBQ.  Then we had our own fireworks on the dirt patch in our back yard and then Yana burnt her poor face with a sparkler.

Well the 5th was my birthday and at the last minute we decided to go with my husband to Texas rather than spend the next possible two days at the house alone.  I really didn't want to have to take myself out to dinner.  It just didn't seem very appealing and he had to go to Texas.  We spent one night at the hotel.  Walked around a little and called on apartments, hotels, and rental properties for my in-laws.  They will be moving down there in August.  It turned out to be a good trip.  My husband took me to a couple of restaurants that he really likes. 

We ended up coming home Friday.  It was interesting.  We weren't in a hurry so we took a different route home that added another hour onto our drive.  It was fine.  The only problem was that the air conditioner on the driver's side decided to hate us and started blowing hot air.  There was no way to turn it off without turning mine off so we left it on but pointed it at the ceiling and then I tried to share my vent with my husband.  It didn't completely reach so I held a book up to help direct the air.

Saturday was a good day.  We worked in the garage in the morning.  We built a couple of shelves that helped get things off the floor.  Then while Yana napped I worked on the quilt.  It has been trimmed and the binding cut and sewn.  The binding has been sewn onto the back of the quilt.  Now I just need to iron it over, pin it and decide which stitch to use to sew it down and then I'm done with it.  I'm so excited.

Sunday we went to church.

Today has been interesting.  My husband ordered me a gift for my birthday that is supposed to be delivered today but they never say when and it needs a signature.  I also needed to drop my car off to get the air conditioner fixed.  I didn't want to leave and miss my package.  Well a friend offered to pick us up from the car place and bring us home.

After dropping off the car I started this post and then the package came so I got distracted. 

My husband bought me a new camera.  A really nice one so I'll start posting pictures as soon as I can.  Right now the battery is charging and Yana just went down for her nap so I had better get sewing.  Have a great day.

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