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Monday, November 8, 2010

New baby pullover bibs are now available in my store.

Well I hope you can see what I'm selling.  I saw these cute kitchen towels and thought they would work great for baby bib.  They are pullovers with a knit collar so it is comfortable on the baby.  It can be used until the child is about 2-3 depending on how fast your child is growing.  They are machine washable and fun.  My daughter loves hers.  She loves to help put it on and take it off but she leaves it alone while eating and it has protected many shirts.  She never liked the bibs that tired, velcroed or snapped on when she was little and was constantly pulling them off and sometimes hurting her neck.  These have such a soft neck collar that she doesn't care if it is on.
With Thanksgiving coming up soon these could be a lifesaver to whoever buys them.  There are two available.  This one is actually sitting on one of the two Fall tablerunners that are left in my store.  Come check them out.  They make great gifts for children or grandchildren.  They are also just nice to have on hand at grandparents houses for when children come to visit.


Mel Cole said...

Oh what a pretty neat project you got. Very resourceful! Neat blog. I like to learn crafty stuff. I'm your newest follower.

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